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Loan management system

Client's problem: it takes too much time to manage the data about loans/prospects/events.

Our solution: Web-based CRM with specific dashboard views to get as much information at a glance.

Loans Management System

Sports events management system

Client's problem: every event has a set of unique requirements.

Our solution: flexible events options list with ability for event organizers to add their unique options.

Events Management System

Adminpanel generator

Client's problem: it takes time to write code every time for a new web-project for adminpanel.

Our solution: Laravel package to create adminpanel in minutes. Called QuickAdmin. We're proud of it.


Some of our Clients

Emery Financial
Migration Angels

What our Clients Say

Mark Linden

"We hired Povilas for a mission critical project to create a custom, enterprise-quality CRM application. The assignment was to create a dependable and scalable web solution with very complex, industry-specific requirements that are not available in any existing software platforms.

Povilas and his team has been extremely responsive, creative, hard-working, and demonstrated a high level of expertise. We’re highly satisfied with our professional-quality application that has exceeded our expectations, and enabled us to focus on growing our business, and our clients are thrilled with the results.

It’s very rare to find a developer who can take ideas and concepts and put them in production so quickly and accurately, and this is what we’ve found with Povilas. He’s also provided us with business tools that help us plan and execute new features and enhancements.

Povilas is a great remote colleague and a pleasure to work with, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to develop high-quality applications."

Patrice Lavallee

"Povilas and his team did a fantastic job.
When faced with a difficult problem to resolve,
they were very perseverant and went to extra length to find solutions.

We are looking forward to future collaborations."

Rob Francken

"Despite a number of requests and changes to the original brief, everything we wanted in the final product has been materialised.

I'm very happy we selected Povilas and his team to develop our required CRM system."

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