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Client is always right. Right?

So often we get clients for building web-projects who approach us with message “I know exactly how the website has to work – there have to be functions X and Y, big image here, button color orange etc”. And there are two ways to deal with it – agree and just build what client asks, or provide consultation services and discuss with clients what he REALLY needs.


Website is your tool to do… what?

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Website is just a tool, a measure to achieve something. A lot of businesses and entrepreneurs shout “We need a great website” mostly because, well, everyone has a website these days, so why shouldn’t we? Wrong approach, think broader.


5 key differences between hiring a coder and a developer

When business owner or startup founder says “I need a developer”, what she usually mean is “a coder” – a technical person who, basically, trades time for money and turns coffee cups into working code. And that is a really narrow and wrong approach, here’s why.